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in Brighton and Hove using sustainable eco-friendly paints

"The quality of the work that was completed is to an
exceptionally high standard."

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Natural, eco-friendly paints for your home

At Pure Decoration, we are committed to creating healthier environments for people to live and work in, using decorating products that do not cause harm to people, pets, plants or the planet, and enhance the health and well-being of buildings and their occupants. We offer our services for customers throughout Sussex.

To view some of our previous projects please go to our portfolio.

Breathe easy with our non-toxic and fume-free paints

We always use non-toxic and fume-free paints and finishes as they are completely safe. Conventional paints contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which release hazardous fumes containing known carcinogens. They reduce air quality which can affect the health of those nearby. Unlike conventional paints, eco paints have the lowest possible levels of VOCs as they are derived from sustainable sources. This makes them the obvious choice to build an eco-friendly home.


At Pure Decoration, we serve both domestic and commercial customers throughout Sussex. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your interior and exterior painting requirements.

Luxury white interior of a modern dining room

What our customers say

"Nick and his team at Pure Decoration were so great to work with. Reasonable prices to paint a bathroom and kitchen, great quality work using excellent materials (environmentally friendly paint), and they were so nice and considerate, great to have around the house. They were really nice afterwards, helping out with touch-ups after further work had been done. Overall, really generous and helpful - and knowledgeable."


Non-toxic paints for a green future

Man painting interior of home in grey paint
3d render of roller brush with partially painted wall

Natural paints are better for the environment:

  • They don’t cause any damage to the environment during or after application.

  • Leftovers can be dug into the ground or put on a compost heap and harmlessly biodegrade causing no damage to the ground or water courses.

  • They are manufactured from mostly biodegradable natural ingredients.

  • Being fume-free, they do not contribute to external air pollution.

Natural paints are better for your health:

  • Fume-free and therefore non-toxic.

  • Made from mostly natural ingredients.

  • Particularly good for pregnant women, children, allergy sufferers, people with asthma or other respiratory issues and people in ill health with compromised immune systems.

Natural paints are better for buildings:

  • They improve indoor air quality and the health of buildings.

  • They don’t peel as moisture particles can pass through the paint.

  • They are durable and last longer.

  • They help prevent wood rot and plaster decay.

  • They reduce condensation, damp and mould problems therefore reducing associated indoor allergens.

  • They are micro-porous, like Gore-Tex, therefore allowing walls and woodwork to breathe.

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For a wide selection of non-toxic paints, call Pure Decoration in Brighton and Hove today.

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